About Us

Smart MAS “The Japanese Method for whole Brain Development for kids from 4 till 15 years old” is a worldwide known and efficient brain
the development program that is created to help kids, in more than 40 countries, develop their latent mental power at an early age.

Smart MAS is tailored to
the requirements of
pedagogical environment
in the Middle East.

In, Smart MAS We believe that every
child has great potential if trained in the right
way. By practicing with abacus -an ancient
mathematical instrument- and working with
our scientifically designed books, children do
arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division with the help of abacus.
As they advance in levels, students are able to
visualize the abacus in mind and perform
calculations without the physical abacus.
They achieve greater speed and accuracy and
are able to do the calculations in mind, faster
than a Calculator.

Whole Brain Development

Smart MAS Program is designed
to develop functions from both
sides of the brain.

Teamwork Ability
Problem Solving Skills
Self-confidence and expression capacity